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You can really put your electronic HP 95LX phone book to work if you enter information with a little forethought. Planning ahead will mean that you will be able to find names -- even those whom you forgot -- easily.

First off, most people find it better to enter last name first in the PHONE Name field. Even if you enter first name first, be sure to do so consistently.

To find a name, just type the first one or two letters. For example, if you have entered last name first and want to find Sam Jones, just type J and you will whisked away to the J's in your phone book. If you are inconsistent and have Jim Smith listed with Sam Jones, it will be more cumbersome finding the name you want.

The second important trick is to enter key words, especially when you are entering a new acquaintance whose name could be easily forgotten. For example, suppose you just made a new business contact with a gentleman that trades in coins, and who has a beard. On the last line of the address field you could type the words: "coin beard bus". "Coin" and "beard" are words to remind you of the individual; "bus" is a word you use for all your business contacts.

Six months later, when you want to recall the gentleman's name, you might remember he had a beard or that he sold coins. You could press (F7) (find) and do a search on coin or beard to find him. Alternatively, you could press (F6) (only), type in bus and press (ENTER) to turn up all your business contacts and select him from there.

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