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After months of experimentation (and thanks to 95BUDDY (ON DISK ICON)), I have a reasonable handle now on average battery life for different cell types. My results are as follows:

Primary cells:

Standard Alkaline -- 16 hours

Eveready Lithium -- 41 hours

Secondary (rechargeable) cells:

Radio Shack NiCd -- 7 hours

Green Power NiMH -- 11 hours

Since the Eveready Lithium (a.k.a. LithEON) cells cost over 3 times as much as alkaline, it is clear that they are not as cost effective. (They are convenient, however, and they create 2.5 times less toxic waste.)

The Radio Shack NiCd (650 MaH) may not be the best NiCds; Millenniums are rated at 800 MaH, for example, and would be closer to the NiMH. The NiMH last about a week for me, so that's what I plan to use in the future.

Larry Finch

CompuServe ID: [73677,3414]

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