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DOS Issues

DOS Issues


When DOS applications are running, the ALT-shifted cursor keys scroll the display in all four directions. You can thus bring any portion of the 80x25 logical display into view on the 40x16 physical display.

Normally, the 95LX automatically scrolls the display to keep the cursor visible. This feature is called "cursor tracking." For some programs, cursor tracking is great -- for others it's lousy. (Many programs turn off the cursor and then move it to the bottom of the screen -- that really looks odd when done on the 95LX; the screen keeps jumping to the bottom!) It's easy to disable cursor tracking so that the display only scrolls in response to the ALT-shifted cursor keys. Close all applications but FILER and press (MENU) System to get to a DOS prompt. Then type dispctl -c to disable cursor tracking. You can also include the command in a batch file to launch your DOS program, or put it in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. (For more on DISPCTL, see the HP 95LX User's Guide, page B-16).

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