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America OnLine's Palmtop SIG Opens!

America OnLine's Palmtop SIG Opens!

America Online's (AOL) Palmtop Special Interest Group finally opened on Tuesday, January 28, 1993. As of mid-March the Palmtop SIG had over 700 messages and 80 files in its own software library.

AOL started as a Macintosh and Apple II online service, but has expanded into a truly well rounded service with Mac, DOS, and now Windows interfaces. We would appreciate your help and support in continuing to build the Palmtop SIG's file and message base. This new AOL forum will help answer questions and promote your shareware programs and products. This, of course, is in addition to the fine support offered by CompuServe from Ted Dickens and TeamHP on the HP HAND forum.

The Palmtop SIG on AOL provides HP users who do not subscribe to CompuServe (CIS) with another source of support and shareware. A number of CIS "regulars" have also dropped in on the Palmtop SIG and have uploaded their programs. The user interface is different than CIS, more graphical like CIM. One of the great areas on AOL is a classified section for advertising that is free to the AOL member. There are other interesting areas that are free of any charges besides online time.

The rates for AOL are very reasonable, and new members are given five hours online time plus the first month's base charge of $7.95 FREE. After the first month the rates are $7.95 for the first two hours of usage and then $0.10 per minute. There are no additional surcharges for the use of the service between the hours of 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM EST. Presently the maximum baud rate is 2400, but 9600 baud should be available shortly. A book published by Ventana Press called "The Official America Online Tour Guide" is available in most bookstores, and comes with TEN free hours of online time. It lists for $34.95, and is available in Mac and DOS versions now, with a Windows version to be released very soon.

We are asking that you please help by uploading your files and programs to AOL, which will in turn give better exposure to your shareware, freeware, equipment, and products. We of course encourage you to try AOL, even if only for the FREE introductory period. To get your FREE startup kit, please CIS E-Mail Jeff Zorn at 71165,1650 or Craig de Fasselle at 76500,1440, include your name, address, and whether you need a DOS, Windows, or MAC set of disks and disk size. Upon your notification we will send your disks promptly!

Should you choose not to try AOL, we would appreciate your E-Mailing programs and files to either of us and so we may upload them to the Palmtop Library. Please include a brief description (noting any special requirements) of the program so we can post an exciting preview of the file. If the program is too large to E-Mail feel free to "snail-mail" a copy to us (contact us for the mailing address).

The Keyword once you sign on is PALMTOP, which takes you directly to the SIG message boards and file libraries. Even if you do not have any files to upload, we would love to have you visit, and look forward to your valuable input and participation. America Online, 8619 Westwood Center Dr., Vienna, VA 22182-9806, or phone 800-827-6364.

Jeff Zorn

CompuServe ID: [71165,1650] or AOL: PDA Jeff)

Craig de Fasselle

CompuServe ID: [76500,1440] or AOL: PDA Craig)

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