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Cold Kills 95LX Batteries

Cold Kills 95LX Batteries

I thought I would report to you and your readers what leaving the 95LX out in the cold will do. Last weekend I went skiing and inadvertently left my 95LX in the glove compartment of my car for three days. At night the temperature was in the teens and during the day it rose to the thirties. When I returned home and turned it on, I got a faint screen, warnings of low main batteries and low backup battery, and that the C: drive was erased. Interestingly enough, the low power caused by the cold adversely affecting the battery power erased the RAM memory, but the A drive on my battery powered Ace Double Card was unaffected. All of the files on the RAM card were untouched.

I immediately plugged into the AC adapter and once powered up, the batteries came back to almost normal. I replaced the main batteries, and the backup came back to 2.78 volts, although it was measuring 3.0 prior to its ski trip. The RAM card battery registered 4.82, exactly where it has been since I first installed it. Fortunately, I backup daily and was able to reinstall everything quickly.

The lessons to be learned is that the HP 95LX is sensitive to the cold and we should backup often.

Michael Allgood

Lafayett, CA, USA

[Lithium batteries generally perform very well in the cold, that is why we use them in flashlights for winter camping trips. They are usually unaffected by the cold. This explains why the RAM card survived so well. Since you probably lost the main AA's, the HP backup lithium was probably doing a lot of work and could not keep the memory going for that long -- Fred Kaufman.]

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