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Lotus 1-2-3

Lotus 1-2-3


The 1-2-3 file linking feature lets you use the values from cells in saved (source) worksheets in the current (target) worksheet in memory. This means 1-2-3 copies the value or solution of the formula in the source worksheet to the target worksheet, not the formula itself. Here's how to link to spreadsheets:

  1. 1. Move the cursor to the desired cell in the target worksheet.
  2. 2. Type a plus (+), followed by the file name enclosed in double brackets, followed by the cell reference. For example:

The file reference is the location and name of the file. You need to enter the complete path of the file if it is not in 1-2-3's default directory. The cell reference is either the address of the source cell or its range name.

You may not include a linking formula in another formula of the target worksheet. Instead, you must place the linking formula in another of the target worksheet's cells, and then reference that cell in the other target worksheet formula.

Lotus 1-2-3 links only one cell of the source worksheet per target worksheet reference. Even if you specify a range in the linking formula (i.e. <<file reference>>A1..B2), Lotus uses A1 as the source cell.

For more information on creating a link, and the restrictions involved, see pages 2-45 to 2-48 of HP 95LX User's Guide.

Ahmet G. Ozisik

Istanbul, TURKEY

iPhone Life magazine

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