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HP 95LX Widower

HP 95LX Widower

Dear Abby,

Yesterday I made a mistake of catastrophic proportions. I showed my wife how to use HPTetris (ON DISK) on the 95LX.

Since that moment, she has become another person. She has her hands on that darned little machine every waking moment. She no longer pays attention to what I say. She ignores the household and seems immersed in a world of her own.

Occasionally she will exclaim nonsense such as "GOT IT!" and "Beat this score, sucker" but will not allow me to get close to it. She wanted to cancel out a long standing dinner invitation we had tonight so she could stay home and stare at that nasty little screen for hours on end. The NMH batteries died and she demanded an AC adapter. Then went back to it. How could anyone be so attached to a little electronic gadget? Abby -- please give me some advice!

95LXless and Distraught

Ygal Giramberk 71332,1470

Dear Distraught,

My advice to you would be to stay by her side. This affair will be brief and when it is all over, she will need you to help her pick up the pieces of her life again. Be her rock in these turbulent times. She may be using you only as her battery supplier right now, but deep in her heart, she still loves you. Soon, this infatuation with Mr. Tetris will wear off and after she comes back to you, your relationship will be that much better for it.

If you need someone else to talk to, there is a program in the library section 7 called PKSL95.ZIP (ON DISK) which has a file inside it called ELIZA95.EXE and support file RESPONSE.DAT. The program was specially designed to deal with emotional problems related to the 95LX (and will run on a PC).

A final bit of advice -- DO NOT show your wife Sokoban!(ON DISK)

Abby (Stanley Dobrowski) CompuServe ID: [71031,2162]

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