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Sheriff Says, "Get that Lotto Program Running..."

Sheriff Says, "Get that Lotto Program Running..."

I am having trouble making Ed Keefe's Lotto program run (page 37, Mar/Apr 93 issue). I have entered and re-entered the program with no luck. The sheriff is the owner of the 95LX and is pressing me to get this program running.

Is the program printed correctly in the magazine? If not please fax me correct version.

Also, the Louisiana Lottery uses six numbers between 1 and 44, what modifications are needed to make this program select 6 numbers instead of 5.

Mark Percle St Marinville, LA 70582

[The program was printed correctly last issue. I've received a couple of letters from Europe in response to the Lotto picker. The original Solver equation and user keys are found in UFK.TXT (ON DISK). The request is for a lotto picker with 6 numbers: various ranges. Here's a typical answer:

The following equation _should_ come closer to getting six numbers between 1 and 49:

{Lotto|lotto= 1E1*(IP(MOD(RAN#*100,48)+1))+ 1E2*(IP(MOD(RAN#*100,48)+1))+ 1E4*(IP(MOD(RAN#*100,48)+1))+ 1E6*(IP(MOD(RAN#*100,48)+1))+ 1E8*(IP(MOD(RAN#*100,48)+1))+ 1E10*(IP(MOD(RAN#*100,38)+10)) }

The following System Macro works with English punctuation:


Line 4, the period after {F7} may need to be changed to comma (,) for French punctuation. Also the last series of commands are five pairs of {RIGHT}-{RIGHT}, with a space between each pair, followed by three {RIGHT}s and ending with an {ENTER}.

Best of luck -- Ed Keefe.]

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