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HP, ACE, and some (but not all) other RAM cards allow you to change the card battery without removing the card from the card slot. Make sure that your RAM card is being powered while you make the battery change or you may lose all your data.

When the RAM card is in the card slot and the 95LX is switched ON, the card is powered from the 95LX's main cells or AC adapter (if connected). Connecting the 95LX to the AC adapter disables the auto-shutoff feature and gives you all the time you need to change the battery.

If you don't have access to AC power when you need to change the battery, you have three minutes before the 95LX powers down and cuts the power to your card. You can press a key every minute or so to keep the 95LX from powering down. You can also turn the 95LX on and disable timeout by using SWITCH!, 95Buddy (ON DISK), or TIMEOUT.EXE (ON DISK).

Slide the lock lever at the end of the card to the unlock position and remove the little battery tray. Pop the battery out and replace it with the proper back up battery (a 3-volt CR2025 coin cell for HP cards). Make sure the positive (+) side of the battery is sitting up in the tray. For more on changing card batteries, see page 1-10 of the HP 95LX User's Guide.

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