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I described a file backup solution on page 26 of the Jul/Aug 92 issue. It involved using ZIP and a batch file named BKUP.BAT. Here's a tip that can be applied to various backup strategies and save some disk space.

The first time that you run BKUP.BAT, it backs up every file in every directory. Some of those files, like COMMAND.COM, TF.COM, and all the WK1 worksheets are in ROM and don't need to be backed up. To save space, go to the directory on your BACKUP MEDIUM where those files are located, and issue the following DOS command(s) (press (ENTER) after each command):

rem > command.com rem > chkdsk.Exe rem > tf.com etc.

(Continue listing in the "rem > filename" format all files built into the 95LX C drive.)

These commands create empty files with the filenames listed.

Since these files were created after the original files with the same name were created, they will have more recent dates. BKUP.BAT will see this, and not backup the original files. These empty files you've created have 0 bytes, so you'll save about 50K of disk space.

Ed Keefe CompuServe ID: [75300,3667]

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