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HP Calc

HP Calc

CALCULATE IN HP CALC'S LIST MODE HP Calc's List mode lets you keep a running list of numbers and add them up (e.g. a shopping list, etc.). From HP Calc, press (MENU) List, then key in a number. Every time you press (ENTER), the cursor moves down one line. The list total appears at the bottom of the screen.

But sometimes you may want to do a calculation first and put the result into the list. You could switch to Arith, do the calculation, but it's easier to stay in List mode and perform the calculation. For example, suppose you wanted to multiply 8 times 12 and place the product in the list. Press 8 * 12 = (ENTER) and 96 is entered into the list. The above format assumes that you are using Algebraic notation in your calculations. If you are using Reverse Polish Notation (RPN appears at the bottom left of your screen), you would press 8 = 12 * (ENTER).

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