A Newcomer to the HP 95LX

Dave Goodman may have just got his 95LX as a Christmas present, but he is no newcomer to computers. He's been programming them since 1974.

Dave currently works as a project manager for a commercial software firm. In his spare time he produces sterling software for the HP 95LX. If you haven't seen any of his work, it would pay to download some of it from the HPSYS forum on CompuServe or to order The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK. I particularly like Dave's rendition of ANSI.SYS, which he calls WINSI.SYS *. I also make good use of his BigShell * program to put huge letters on the screen of my 95LX. The 20 X 8 screen may not hold very much, but it's just right for replacing the 3 X 5 cards that I used to use for presentation notes.

One other program is a bit of whimsy in which a small kitten, Neko, chases a ball around the screen of the 95LX. However, his best graphical program, for the HP 95LX, is HPL.COM *. It's an ICON driven menu-system for DOS applications. The icons are so real that I unconsciously reached for a mouse to click on them.

All in all, Dave Goodman has released more than a dozen programs for the HP 95LX in the past couple of months. I count him as a great addition to the miniature programmer's club. In my book, he claims the honor of being the premier graphics programmer on this small machine.

I encourage you to take a look at some of Dave's programs. If you feel beneficent, send the small registration fee. Or, if you feel impoverished, send a card or note and let Dave know what you think of his work. Programmers dote on flattery. (See "Goodies I" description in "Third Party Products," page 45 for an inexpensive way of getting the pest of his work.) More on David's programs and programming in future issues.