What Others Say About Windows on the Palmtop

When I tried Win 3.0 on the palmtop, I used a Logitech trackball and its DOS mouse driver. This worked fine. I used the HP serial cable and the DB9-DB9 HP adapter to connect to the mouse cable.

I was even able to run SysMgr as an application under Windows. I was not able to do much else but run a screen saver with it because all of the old Windows apps I could find needed Windows to be running in Protected (Standard) Mode.

Stan Dobrowski [TeamHP] 71031,2162

Running Windows on the Palmtop strikes me as a good idea only for its WinCE appeal. In other words, the idea of Windows 3.0 on a machine the size of a 200lx (1) is cute; (2) has `gee-whiz' appeal; (3) is, practically speaking, useless; and (4) is likely to distract from useful work. This gives it almost all of the characteristics of the typical WinCE device. Now if you can make it cost a lot, then it will have all of the characteristics of WinCE...

David Ness DNess@HOME.COM

While running Windoze on the palmtop does have a substantial gee-whiz/wow factor, I don't see how it could really be useful given the issues of disk space, available RAM, speed, pointing devices, functionality, etc. Although I've done it once, I don't think I'd bother with it again. HP and many of the other developers who have contributed to the palmtop have done such a good job with it that running Win 3 would only be a giant step down. It's do-able on the desktop but a pain in the palm.

Richard A. Smith rsmith@ENOL.COM

Your efforts to redistribute Windows 3.0 have not gone unnoticed and demonstrate your continued commitment to the LX platform as a powerful, portable, computing tool. Please allow me to share my experiences with you...

About a year ago I did quite some searching for useful apps (shareware and freeware) able to run in real mode under Windows 3.0 and came up empty. I even had a small but capable group from the HPLX-L news group involved in this project. The apps we found all required standard or enhanced mode Windows, neither being capable on the 100/200LX.

Although Windows 3.0 runs acceptably well on a speed-upgraded machine with a fast disk and a generous helping of EMS for good measure, the only real reason I kept it was for Excel 2.1. Even the early version of Word that runs in real mode (1.x) is slow and didn't prove of very much use to me especially since I had suspected that printing would be a problem (and the print preview was very sloooow and tedious to pan around in). Another compelling reason for Windows was the thought of using a full-blown fax program like WinFax but even the early version I found was nothing short of frustrating since printing' to the WinFax driver was the major stumbling block.

Using Windows 3.0 without Excel or Word would leave you with only the bundled software like Write, Terminal, Calculator, etc., all of which are handled better by the Palmtop's built-in apps.

Ian Melville imelv@TSTT.NET.TT

I have Windows 3.0 loaded on my Palmtop and it is stable and works A-OK, but it's really just a novelty for me. Although I sometimes use WinFax to send a fax, I do so mostly to impress myself. I would be willing to bet that you would sell quite a few copies of it, so I say "go for it."

Jeff Johns jeffj@SCOTT.NET