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The Palmtop Network
The Palmtop Network is a tremendous resource for Palmtop users.
It contains the original S.U.P.E.R. Site (Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository). S.U.P.E.R. is the central location for the tons of great free software for the LX series, categorized with a “top 20” list.

HP Palmtop Mailing List
This active HP Palmtop Mailing List is the best place to find answers to your palmtop questions and to help others. All e-mail sent to the list is re-sent to all list members.

Microsoft Outlook – 200LX converter: Curtis Cameron Page
In addition to creating fun, addicting games, Curtis created the premier Outlook to LX synchronization program.

Great 200LX to Windows File Transfer Alternative
Total Commander is a top-rated shareware file manager for Windows machines. There is a free 200LX plug-in that allow you to use Total Commander from a desktop and see the HP 200LX directories as a part of the "Network Neighborhood".

HP Solve like app for Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm and the iPhone (iOS)  All HP Calc functionality and more in this app. The format for HP Solve is only slightly different, so existing equations can be converted. Here are primary issues customers run into during conversion.

Daniel Hertrich's Palmtop Index
Daniel's Web site contains a variety of topic from Palmtop backlighting to do-it-yourself repair to software for diabetics. Highly recommended for any Palmtop enthusiast, especially do-it-yourselfers. 

D & A Software
D&A Software is the maker of many popular pieces of free and commercial HP Palmtop software such as WWW/LX (200LX E-mail and Internet access), ABC/LX, HV and PalEdit. As of January 1, 2008, all D&A Software include Internet browser and E-mail reader is free!

Run DOS programs on a Windows CE-based Pocket or Handheld PC
You can run most software that runs on an HP200LX on a Pocket or Handheld PC with this software. The software is "200LX aware" so it runs many DOS programs designed for the 200LX.

The HP palmtop backlight homepage
Latest information on Palmtop backlighting.

Thomas Rundel’s European Palmtop Store
Thomas Rundel sells palmtops and accessories and does repairs and upgrades in Europe (Germany).

Gutenberg Electronic Books
Learn more about Project Gutenberg and how to obtain free reading and reference material.