The new HP OmniBook 300 superportable PC has created quite a stir. Reviews in both business and computer magazines have been very positive. HP Palmtop users are quite familiar with many of the "innovative" features of this new large-HP-Palmtop-look-alike developed by the HP Palmtop division in Corvallis, Oregon. In this issue I give an in-depth, hands-on review of the HP OmniBook 300 from a HP Palmtop user's perspective.

HP OmniBook and HP Palmtop users will also be interested in the new HP Vectra desktops. The Vectras feature an infrared port and an optional PCMCIA drive. That means HP users can easily transfer information between their various HP computers using PC cards or the IR port. PCMCIA cards should become increasingly important this next year. In this issue Mark Scardina updates us on the latest on PC cards. Next year we'll publish an extra issue focusing only on PCMCIA cards, to be sent free to all 1994 HP Palmtop Paper and HP OmniBook World subscribers.

One of the many compelling features of the HP 100LX is its PC compatibility. HP Palmtop expert and HP Forums CompuServe System Operator, Ted Dickens, does a thorough job in describing the many ways to access and maximizing the use of DOS on the HP 100LX. Our own Robert Roney takes a similar look at using DOS on the HP 95LX.

Those of you who can spend a little time with Ed Keefe -- roll up your sleeves and be rewarded. For the uninitiated who want to learn some more useful capabilities of 1-2-3, start with Ed's article on Database @functions. For those who want to dive in, read about Ed's latest discoveries on how to significantly extend HP 95LX and HP 100LX macro capabilities.

Of course, you'll find new products and advertiser information in this issue, as well as a profile of users in the chemical and petroleum industries. You will also see that we have expanded our Quick Tips and Basic Tips sections. Our goal in Tips is to put as many useful, bite-sized packets of palmtop knowledge per page as possible.

Finally, many of you have asked about the 1993 Subscribers Disk. Don't worry, it's coming. I'll give you a full report on it next issue. We have been holding off a bit so that our disk could properly service both HP 95LX and HP 100LX users.

Hal Goldstein, Publisher