Upgrades, Updates, Corrections

95Buddy, Ver. 3.1 (ON DISK ICON)

95Buddy adds dozens of features and keystroke shortcuts to the 95LX built-in applications.

Features new to version 3.1 include SmartCaps feature makes it easy to obtain shifted symbols and letters; link .PBK files so that you can search between files and quickly load alternate .PBK files; assign character strings to shifted function keys; implements a "Find and Replace All" function in MEMO; change to-do priority labels in APPT; allows APPT alarms even when in DOS; adds more keyboard shortcuts and new customizing options.

Availability. . . . . Now

Medium. . . . . shareware

Runs under SysMgr. . . . . Yes

Shareware fee. . . . . $40

Upgrade from ver 1.0 or 2.3 . . . . . Free (plus $5 for postage/disk)

CONTACT: Jeffrey Mattox, P.O. Box 45282, Madison, WI 53744-5282, USA; CompuServe ID #71044,2356; Phone: 608-274-6206 evenings.

Evaluation copy available on this issue of The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK or in Lib 7 of HPHAND forum of CompuServe. You may use CompuServe's GO SWREG to register 95Buddy.

QuickView 3.0 95LX 100LX

A number of new features have been added to this checkbook register and investment management program that lets you view and search all of your Quicken records on either HP Palmtop. QuickView lets you create Lotus .WK1 files from your Quicken data; add, change, and delete records, and export all new or changed information back to Quicken.

QuickView 3.0 is SWITCHable. It now lets you sort records by date and check number; eliminate deleted records to reduce file size; use the dd-mm-yy (European) date format; specify a currency sign other than $; search by investment action (Buy, Div, etc.) instead of by category; and more.

QuickView 3.0 will be distributed by ACE Technologies. All registered users of version 2.x will receive a credit of their full purchase price ($25, not including shipping charges) toward the purchase of version 3.0 if they order directly from ACE Technologies no later than September 30, 1993.

Availability. . . . . Now

Medium. . . . . Floppy Disk

Runs under SysMgr. . . . . SWITCHable* (*Works like a system-compliant program when used with Switch 2.0, also from ACE Technologies.)

Pricing. . . . . $49

CONTACT: ACE Technologies, Inc., 2880 Zanker Road, Suite 103, San Jose, CA 95134, USA; Phone: 800-825-9977 or 408-428-9722; Fax: 408428-9721.

Tetris Upgrade (ON DISK ICON) 95LX 100LX

Third release of TT95 features new special effects, high score, keyboard redefinition, and will run on both HP Palmtops and a VGA equipped PC also. The source code (Borland C) is included.

Availability. . . . . Now

Medium. . . . . Freeware

Runs under SysMgr. . . . . No

Pricing . . . . . Freeware* (*Send author a nice postcard.)

CONTACT: This file is available on CompuServe (Lib 7 HP HAND) and on this issue of The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK. You can contact the author, Gilles Kohl, at the following E-mail addresses: CIS ID: [100114,3146]; Internet: gilles@spam.fido.de; FidoNet: Gilles Kohl, 2:249/6.3. No other contact information is available.