The HP Palmtop Paper

September/October 1993

Table of Contents



HP News

New 100LX connectivity cable supersedes original 95LX cable; international Connectivity Packs shipping; international outlook; reduction in OmniBook prices; finding an HP 100LX dealer.

New Products Designed to Work with the HP Palmtop PCs

HP 100LX Connectivity Pack

A first look at the new HP 100LX Connectivity Pack that lets you communicate with your desktop PC and comes with desktop versions of the HP 100LX PIM software.


The 1993 PowerDisk

The 1993 Subscriber PowerDisk is packed with software to help you get the most out of your 95LX or 100LX. It includes software to monitor batteries, compress files, create DOS/System Manager macros, play music, and more.

User to User

Take a quick look at some excellent freeware and shareware that didn't make it on the PowerDisk. Hal also reviews HP's Express Exchange service, some Palmtop peripherals, and Newton, Apple's "new" PDA.

Which Programming Language is for You?

The HP Palmtops provide a portable programming platform. Here are some of the more popular programming languages that work on either the HP 95LX, the 100LX or both.

A Few Good Men ... One Good Palmtop!

The HP Palmtop "hits the beach" with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force in Kuwait. This User Profile shows how the HP 95LX withstood rigors that would have brought a lesser palmtop to its knees!

Make Full Use of Application Manager

AppManager makes it easy to set up and launch DOS programs on the HP 100LX. Enhance that ease using these undocumented features and a free Subscribers Disk program.

Doing Arithmetic on Your HP Palmtop

Using HP CALC to do arithmetic is easy and powerful once you learn a few tricks and the meaning of a few words.