Upgrades, Updates, Corrections

FREYJA 2.1 Upgrade (ON DISK) 95LX 100LX

Update of a popular freeware text editor. Version 2.1 includes 100LX support, new "floating" menus on the 95LX, tiny font support on the 95LX, better international support, a handful of new commands and rewritten and expanded documentation. 2.1 is supposed to be quicker than previous versions.

ORDER FREYJA DIRECT: You send either blank diskettes and SASE, or US $3.00 per disk to: Craig Finseth, 1343 Lafond, St. Paul, MN 55104, USA. Disk Requirements: FREYJA only (two low density 5.25" or one low density 3.5"). Memutil only (one 5.25" or 3.5" disk).

Futura Carrying Cases Price Correction 95LX 100LX

These perimeter zippered, padded cases for your HP Palmtops were described on page 8 of the July/August 1993 issue. The correct prices are listed below.

Availability . . . . Now


Futura 50 . . . . $50

Futura 75 . . . . $55

CONTACT: E&B Company, 1013 Mc Rae Way, Roseville, CA 95678, USA; Phone: 800-986-CASE; Fax: 916-782-9306.

IntelliLink for Windows 3.0 Upgrade 95LX 100LX

This version of IntelliLink adds support for the HP 100LX and OmniBook 300. Transfer, translate, and reconcile data between these HP computers and popular desktop applications. Exchange Appointment Book, Phone Book, and ToDo data with the following PC applications: ACT! for Windows, ASCII (CSV) Files, dBASE, ECCO, Lotus Organizer, PackRat 4.1, Paradox, Sidekick 2.0, Windows Cardfile, and Calendar. MEMO and DATABASE support will be added in the near future, as well as translation for additional PC applications.

The previous user interface has been rewritten for version 3.0 to allow for greater ease of use and additional functionality. You can now transfer subsets of data using filters. IntelliLink SmartMerge notifies you of data conflicts. Create custom field mappings to place data where you want it. In addition to traditional Palmtop-to-application support, you can transfer data between supported desktop applications.

Availability . . . . Now

Medium . . . . 3.5" floppy disk

Runs under SysMgr . . . . No

Pricing . . . . $99.95

CONTACT: IntelliLink, Inc., 98 Spit Brook Road, Suite 12, Nashua, NH 03062, USA; Phone: 603-888-0666; Fax: 603-888-9817.

Message 2.0 (ON DISK) Upgrade 95LX 100LX

Message 2.0 automates your access to CompuServe forum messages and mail, and saves you money by limiting the time you spend on-line.

Message was designed for both the HP 95LX and 100LX Palmtops. It has special support for the 100LX, allowing you to use all three screen modes (40x16, 64x18, and 80x25). MEMO on the 100LX may be used as your editor.

Additional features include intelligent indexing, jump and search commands, file downloading, and automatic binary mail download.

Message 2.0 must be run with fastCOMM! or COMMO communications software. An external editor such as VDE is recommended.

Message 2.0 works equally well on DOS-based desktop or laptop computers.

Availability . . . . Now

Medium . . . . shareware

Runs under SysMgr . . . . No

Shareware registration . . . . $20

CONTACT: Available on The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK or in Library 5 of CompuServe's HPHAND forum.

Sundisk Card Distributors 95LX 100LX

There are a number of distributors of Sundisk Flash ROM cards in the U.S. and Europe, including ACE Technologies, EduCALC and Seagate International. HP itself markets 5MB and 10MB versions of the card. CONTACT:

HP authorized dealers;

ACE Technologies, Inc., 2880 Zanker Road, Suite 103, San Jose, CA 95134, USA; Phone: 800-825-9977 or 408-428-9722; Fax: 408-428-9721.

EduCALC, 27953 Cabot Road, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677, USA; Phone: 800-677-7001 or 714-582-2637; Fax: 714-582-1445.

Seagate International, 920 Disk Drive, Scotts Valley, CA 95067, USA; Phone: 408-438-8111; Fax: 408-438-7852.

Software Revision Lets Thincard Card Drives Program 12 Volt Flash Cards 100LX

Page 21 of the July/August 93 issue states that the Databook TMD 550 cannot write to a 12 volt Flash Card. Owners of the TMB-200, TMB-240, TMD-500, and the TMD-550 ThinCardDRIVEs will be able to write to 12 volt Flash cards as well as 5 volt cards if the user has revision 2.15 of the ThinCardDRIVE software installed. Owners of the TMB-201 will not be able to write to 12 volt cards.

Users wishing to upgrade the ThinCardDRIVE software should contact Databook.

Availability . . . . Now

Medium . . . . Floppy disk

Upgrade Price . . . . $35

CONTACT: Databook Inc., 10 Alder Bush, Rochester, NY 14624, USA; Phone: 716-889-4204; Fax & Modem: 716-889-2593.