With this issue we complete our second year publishing The HP Palmtop Paper. Our thanks goes to subscribers, contributors, and advertisers. Collectively we make our HP Palmtops more useful and more enjoyable.

The real thanks goes to Hewlett Packard. A relatively few HP engineers in Corvallis, Oregon developed the Palmtop, a productivity tool that enhances hundreds of thousands lives in over a hundred countries. In this issue an HP Corvallis engineer, Everett Kaser, tells the story of how the HP Palmtops came to be.

I think you'll find Everett's technical history intriguing. We've included a glossary so words don't get in the way of you enjoying a good story. If you read between the lines, you will get a sense of the HP culture and of why HP has been able to create exceptional products through the years. Many of you will be surprised to see how an idea organically developed and evolved into the HP 95LX and the HP 100LX.

Once HP shipped the product, we the users have been writing the Palmtop history. In the past two years The HP Palmtop Paper has provided space for a doctor, a lawyer, a farmer, an engineer, an athlete, a sales professional, a student, and a Marine to tell how the HP Palmtop enhanced personal and professional lives. In this issue we profile two more mobile professionals, a technical support engineer and a sales manager to find out more ingenious uses of this wonderful invention.

As you browse through the issue you will find much of interest, no matter your level of technical sophistication. Remember that we appreciate your feedback. Our goal is to enhance the usefulness and enjoyment of your HP Palmtop. We hope to serve you for many years to come.

Hal Goldstein

Publisher, The HP Palmtop Paper