PCMCIA Fax/Modems of Interest to HP Palmtop Users

Below is a list of PCMCIA Type II Data/Fax modems that should work with the HP 100LX (modem only, see note on fax below). We indicate below whether HP or the Manufacturer tested the product on the 100LX, or whether the product is "Untested." Although we generally only list new products in this section, we have included previously listed fax/modem cards for the sake of completeness.

Only one card, the New Media PalmModem, works with the HP 95LX. In addition, because of the large size of fax software and the limited memory on the 100LX, the fax portion of some of these fax/modem cards cannot be used on the 100LX. The entries below indicate whether the card has been tested (and works) in the Palmtop, and who tested it (either HP or the manufacturer). The HP Palmtop Paper has not tested any of these products and is making no recommendations as to their suitability in the Palmtops. Here are a few points that may apply to any of these data/fax cards:

1. Cards can drain Batteries.

PCMCIA card data/fax modems draw their power from the computer in which they are inserted. This will drain your 100LX's batteries. It's best to connect the 100LX to the AC adapter when using a fax/ modem card and to remove the card when not using it.

2. Fax capabilities may not work.

Fax software may be too big to fit on the 100LX's internal C drive. Since the fax/modem card occupies the memory card slot, putting the software on a memory card is no solution. You may not be able to use the fax capabilities of some of these cards in the 100LX.

3. Installing Fax/Modem cards:

Follow the instructions in the HP 100LX User's Guide (pages 37-3 to 37-4). If the fax/modem card does not work, contact the manufacturer of the card. They will be able to help you better than HP Tech Support. Remember, the Fax portion of these cards may not work.

Angia Fax/Data Modem 100LX

AT&T Paradyne KeepInTouch 100LX

Best Data Products Smart One 1442 100LX

Centennial 24/96 Fax/Modem Card 100LX

ComCard-1 Fax/Modem Card 100LX

Compaq 144 Modem 100LX


Ego 14400 Fax/Modem Card 100LX

Epson EMF 144 100LX

EXP ThinFax 9624 BasicLX 100LX

GVC Fax/Modem 100LX

Intel PCMCIA 24/96 Data/Fax Modem 100LX

Megahertz Fax/Data Modem Cards 100LX

Practical Peripherals PractiCARD 144 100LX

PIICEON Dispatcher 100LX

SmartExchange 1414 95LX 100LX

WorldPort 14.4 Fax/Data 100LX

Fax/Modem for both 95LX and 100LX

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