HP NEWS--HP News: New 2MB HP 100LX; Upgrade Path Available

HP's new 100LX sports an additional megabyte of internal RAM storage. U.S. 100LX users can upgrade until July 1, 1994.

By Rich Hall

HP Announces Enhanced HP 100LX with 2MB of RAM Memory

Hewlett-Packard Company has announced an expanded memory version of the 100LX Palmtop PC, adding an additional 1MB of internal memory for file storage.

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 The additional 1MB of RAM will be especially welcomed by users of PCMCIA I/O cards (see two articles, pages 16 and 24 this issue). One of the main problems with PCMCIA fax/modem, LAN, and other cards is that many times the software included with the card is extremely large. For example, it's sometimes difficult or impossible to load a PCMCIA fax/modem's software on the 1MB version of the 100LX. Some users would end up temporarily transferring files to a memory card to make room for the software so they could use a PCMCIA fax/modem card.

The 2MB 100LX gives you plenty of room for fax/modem software and messages, as well as e-mail message storage for cc:Mail users, larger spreadsheets, more complete custom databases, and more.

U.S. List Prices

HP 100LX 2MB Palmtop PC (F1022A) .$749 HP 100LX 1MB Palmtop PC (F1020A)

 The new 2MB HP 100LX for U.S. English, International English, French, German, and Spanish will be available in February 1994. For more information, contact your local HP dealer. Sales information may be obtained by calling 800-443-1254 (U.S. only) or by mailing requests for information to: Hewlett-Packard Company Inquiries, 1000 N.E. Circle Boulevard, Corvallis, OR 97330, USA.

Upgrade Program for U.S. 1MB HP 100LX Users

For a limited time only, HP is providing 1MB 100LX users in the U.S. the opportunity to upgrade to 2MB of RAM. The upgrade program begins February 1, 1994 and extends through July 1, 1994. The price of the upgrade is $297, plus local sales tax. To upgrade your 100LX, follow the instructions on the upgrade form, next page. [Note to International Users: Only an upgrade for U.S. users has been announced. If you are outside the U.S. contact your Hewlett-Packard dealer or sales office for customer support and service information. ]

From the time HP receives your 1MB 100LX, in most cases it will take 1 week (2 weeks maximum) to upgrade it and send it back to you via UPS Next Day Air. Your existing warranty will still apply. Out of warranty units will receive a new 90-day warranty. For more information, see the upgrade form on the next page or in the U.S. call the HP Customer Service Center at 503-750-3850.

Palmtop Developers Support Moves to CompuServe

Hewlett-Packard Corvallis Division announced a change in electronic support resources for the Palmtop Registered Developers Program. Registered developers will see a Developers section in the HP Handhelds Forum (GO HPHAND) on CompuServe. Paul Swadener, who has served as the Developers Technical Support Manager from the time the HP 95LX was introduced, said that "Along with helping to use scarce support resources productively, the change recognizes both the importance of the HP Forums on CompuServe in development of the Palmtop market and the active programming efforts on external applications that take place among CompuServe members. They work on many more and varied features of the machines after introduction than we can inside HP, and this forum will help developers, HP, and our customers."

The Palmtop Developers Program continues to be administered from the Corvallis Division, with registration qualification required. [A copy of the registration form appears on page 9 of this issue.] As an additional resource to the comprehensive end-user customer support from Corvallis Division, the Developers Program resources are dedicated to the efforts of third party developers who demonstrate activities that sell additional Palmtop units.

The move to support registered developers on CompuServe will begin a phasing out of the proprietary BBS currently supported from Corvallis as well as the online phone/fax service to developers. The DEVELOPERS section will include messages, a library of development tools for both the HP 95LX and the HP 100LX, and regular participation of one or more support persons at HP. Activity in the new section is expected to contribute to more extensive materials being available on existing HPHAND forums.

HP Announces New OmniBook 425

Hewlett Packard announced its new OmniBook 425 based on a T.I. low power 486-25 chip. (The OB 300 is based on the AMD 386-20 microprocessor.) HP reports the OB 425 processing speed at 40-50% faster (with a 10-15% reduction in battery life). The OmniBook 425 comes with a slightly updated system card. The card contains the same versions of Word, Excel, and the HP PIMs as the HP OmniBook 300. The one significant difference is that users can gain 530K DOS space by disabling Windows (590K without DoubleSpace). The HP OmniBook 425 with a 40MB hard disk (F1036A) retails for $2,125. The OB 425 with 10 MB Flash disk (F1034A) retails for $2,375. The OB 300 with 40MB hard drive (F1032A) now retails for $1600. The OB 300 with 10MB Flash disk now retails for $1850.

CONTACT INFORMATION: For more information, contact your local HP dealer. For your nearest HP dealer in the U.S., call 800-752-0900.

Upgrade Your OmniBook 300 to the NEW HP OmniBook 425

The new HP OmniBook 425 was introduced November 8, 1993. It offers all the features of the HP OmniBook 300 plus a 486 processor. For a limited time only, HP is providing OmniBook 300 owners the opportunity to upgrade to the OmniBook 425.

This upgrade is priced at $649.00 plus local sales tax and shipping/handling. All sales of upgrades are final. This upgrade opportunity is available in the U.S. only, beginning December 15, 1993 through March 1, 1994. Upgraded units will be shipped to U.S. addresses only. All orders must be received by March 1, 1994. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Your existing warranty will still apply. Out-of-warranty units will receive a new 90-day warranty.

For more information, call the HP Customer Service Center at 503750-3850.