What to do with new ideas

 Most of us get useful ideas during the day that have nothing to do with what we are working on. Many of these ideas can be very useful, but tend to get lost without an organized way to collect them. The built-in NoteTaker application is perfect to track these ideas for later review.

The category field is what gives this application the most power. As you start entering ideas, you will notice that the ideas fall into categories. Examples of how to classify your ideas might include books to read, things to do with your son, a marketing idea, some suggestions for your boss. Some of your ideas, such as a book for your son, might have two categories.

ON THE PALMTOP: To start NoteTaker just press (&...) (More) (N), or press (CTRL)-(MEMO).

 Press (F2) to enter an idea. If the idea can be expressed in a few words just use the Title field. Other times you will want to elaborate in the Note field.

When it is time to type in the category, keep its name short. You are only allowed 256 total characters when you combine all the names of your categories. So you might name your categories, Books, Son, Mkt, Boss. The first time you use a category, simply type in the category name. Subsequently, from the Category field, press (<DownArrow>) and then type the name of the category until the cursor falls on it. Press (ENTER) or if you want to assign more than one category press (<Spacebar>) on each category, press (ENTER) when you're done. Finally press (F10) to save the note.

Categories in NoteTaker: Graphic

 You can view ideas according to categories. For example, let's view those notes related to Son. To create a Subset for Son from the All Notes view, press (F6) Subset, (F2) Define. (<Tab>) (<Tab>) to Category, press (<DownArrow>) and type s to put the cursor on Son. Press (ENTER) and then (F10), OK. Give a name to the subset, say "Ideas for Solomon" and then press (F10), OK. Now to view all ideas concerning your son press (F6), Subset, and select "Ideas for Solomon". Press (ENTER) and you can examine your thoughts about Solomon. To look at all notes again press (F6) Subset and put the cursor at the top on "All Notes" and press (ENTER).