Finding phone numbers when you need them

There is a simple practice that I guarantee will pay off handsomely. Whenever you make a new contact, find yourself calling a new number or writing a new address, ALWAYS enter that information into HP Palmtop PHONE book!

If you think you may forget who that contact is, be sure to type in key words in the Note field. Use any identifying characteristics: tall, mustache, met in New York, publisher's conference. Take the minute or two required to enter the name, address, phone number, and key words.

This method of always entering contact information, has saved me incredible time, hassle, and embarrassment in the years that I have used the Palmtop. Sometimes it has been over two years since I needed that contact information - sometimes just a person's name. Without the Palmtop that information would have been almost impossible to find.

ON THE PALMTOP: It's only two keystrokes, (PHONE) and (F2) to add a contact. So always enter phone information into PHONE book.

(ALT)-(N) takes you directly to the Note field. Put anything here that will help you remember, tall, thin, Sam's uncle, New York, etc.. The next time you need to call and can't remember the name, do an (F4) Find on "Sam's uncle" or "New York".