Time management on the HP 95LX

The system described in this article was developed for the HP 100/200LX. However, it's pretty easy to get it to work on the HP 95LX.

You cannot use GOALSET.GDB on the 95LX, but you can create a simplified version of it using the Phone Book database. Open a new Phone Book and enter the following information in the following fields:

Phone field . . . . . Information

Name: . . . . . . . . Goal

Number: . . . . . . . Date, priority, length of time, Age


Line one . . . . . LastStep

Subsequent lines . steps/dates accomplished

If you are consistent with the way you enter your goals, dates, etc., you can create macros that will cut and paste that information to your Appointment Book.

The HP 95LX provides 10 priorities for your ToDo's. On the HP 95LX, from APPT, press (F10) (ToDo) (F8) (Insert) to enter a ToDo. The second field in the ToDo entry screen is the Priority field. With the Priority field highlighted, press (<Spacebar>) to select 1st through 9th priority levels. Your ToDo's will be ordered by priority level (1st highest, 9th lowest) in the ToDo display list. For further information, see "Macros," Appointments, adding" and "ToDo's, adding" in the index of your HP 95LX User's Guide.