TIPI Contest

Between now and April 15, 1995 I'll be accepting entries in the great TIPI code contest. The contest is open to ANY user of TIPI (even if those of you who haven't gotten around to registering it yet!)

You entry must consist of a TIPI program you have written that you think is interesting, practical, fun, neat, cool or generally worth more than the disk space it occupies. You may enter as many programs as you like and you may enter as many times as you like. Entries must be submitted either via E-mail or on MS-DOS floppy disks. Your disks will not be returned, nor will your E-mail costs be reimbursed. E-mail may be sent to either Internet peterson@halcyon.com or CompuServe [72310,2174]. Disks may be mailed to: Kent Peterson, GREAT TIPI CODE CONTEST, 360 NW Dogwood Street A-201, Issaquah, WA 98027 USA.

Copyrights to all code entered into this contest will remain with you, but any code entered may be distributed to registered TIPI users.

What You Can Win

The author of the niftiest program (as judged by myself, my wife and some of my nerdy friends) will win the following incredible prizes:

1. One box of delicious Boehm's Chocolates from Issaquah Washington.

2. A genuine TIPI Code Contest trophy to show off to all your friends.

3. A free cup of Espresso from one of Issaquah's many fine Espresso bars and a chance to hang out with TIPI's developer. (If you make it to Issaquah, Washington.)

In May of 1995, anyone who has REGISTERED TIPI by April 5, 1995 will receive a disk containing some new TIPI programs written by me, the winning entry from the contest and whatever cool runners-up there were.