ECCO, IntelliLink, and the HP Palmtop

ECCO is a full-featured PIM for your Windows- based desktop PC. However, it won't slip into your pocket like an HP Palmtop. Here's how a couple of subscribers got the best out of both worlds.

As strong as the HP Palmtop built-in software is, some users don't find the Palmtop PIMs sufficient to organize their life. The PIMs don't have the features or the same ease-of-use as Windows-based applications -- you can't move a mouse and click on an icon. And except for the clipboard or features added by 95/100Buddy, the built-in PIMs aren't well linked. Programs like the ACT! contact manager have an advantage over the Palmtop in this respect (see ACT! review, Vol.3, No.5, Pg.18).

The greatest single strength of the HP Palmtops is portability. Add this to the fact that the built-in programs are solid and serviceable applications, and the HP 95/100/200LX are excellent choices for a portable Personal Information Manager.

However, it is natural for people used to a stronger desktop PIM to want to continue using it along side the HP Palmtop. Echo is one of the most highly regarded Windows-based PIMs because of its flexibility, outlining capability, and a thorough integration of its functions. For example, you can look at ECCO To-Do lists from a number of different perspectives (e.g. To-Do's relating to a specific person, To-Do's due on a specific date, all high-priority To-Do's, etc.).

Although ECCO does not run on the HP Palmtops, many users employ it on their desktop PC in conjunction with the Palmtop in their pocket, to manage their life. Fortunately IntelliLink, a file transfer program, provides a file transfer package with tools that make translating ECCO (or other desktop PIM file formats) and the formats of the HP Palmtop PIMs relatively easy. The articles below document successes and obstacles overcome by two users as they attempted to integrate their HP Palmtops and ECCO.

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