Hal Goldstein

We, HP Palmtop users throughout the world, use our little machine in three ways: for data access, data creation, and data communications. The most common use is for reference (data access) to check our ToDo's, phone entries, databases, spreadsheets and so forth. In fact, we devoted the last issue to using the HP Palmtop as an always-handy reference library.

Of course, we also use the Palmtop to create data our PhoneBook, DataBase and ToDo entries; financial transactions in Pocket Quicken; 1-2-3 spreadsheets; NoteTaker entries and Memos. Most of the activities we perform on the Palmtop are for personal organization and computation. However, as technology progresses and we see possibilities, we will be spending more time with our Palmtop communicating with the rest of the world.

In this issue we build on past HP Palmtop Paper data communication discussions (Fax/Modem cards, wireless receivers, data transfer products, CompuServe and Internet access, and so forth). Our cover story reveals how medical professionals and criminal investigators can use a combination of paging and palmtop technology to receive graphic and textual images anywhere. Closer to home, our own network administer, Tom Gibson, explains that we received our Silicom PC LAN Card for the Palmtop just in time to test nodes in our newly expanded Local Area Network. Finally, Mark Scardina takes a look at a recently released Palmtop-to-Windows file transfer product from Palm Connect.

In this issue we profile a CPA. As you might expect author, Ray Kump, gives us lots of interesting uses of 1-2-3 and HP Calc. As a bonus, he describes how he uses the HP Palmtop Database program to organize his day and his people. Managing Editor, Reverend Richard Hall, adds a second mini-profile as he explains how he used NoteTaker to aid him in recently becoming a priest in the Liberal Catholic Church.

In my User To User column I look at the HP 1000LX and a solitaire game. Then I (and other readers) give Hewlett Packard some unsolicited advice about how they should advertise the HP Palmtop. I go to the extreme on page 26 of working with the designer of our HP Palmtop Paper covers, George Foster, to come up with a sample ad for the HP Palmtop. See what you think.

Our Quick Tips, Basic Tips, Palmtop Wisdom and Letters are especially meaty, and as usual provide bite-sized ideas of how to better use the Palmtop.