HP PalmVue System

HP makes critical patient data available to the U.S. physician, anywhere, anytime!

By Rich Hall

The scene is a hospital Intensive Care Unit. A cardiac patient takes a turn for the worse, but the resident cardiologist is stuck in traffic five miles away. The ICU nurse captures the waveform displays of the patients physiological data from the PalmVue System Dispatch Station and sends the data through the stations built-in modem to a paging service provider.

In his car the resident cardiologist hears a beep coming from his pocket, indicating that he has just received an incoming message. He pulls out an HP Palmtop equipped with a wireless receiver and PalmVue software, and turns it on to view the ECG waveform, other vital signs and messages from the ICU staff. He picks up his cellular phone, calls the ICU and gives the attending physician vital instructions. The above scenario dramatizes the value of HP's new PalmVue System, an advanced clinical communications system designed to provide health care professionals in the U.S. with remote access to critical patient data.


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