Blaze Through Home Study Course With NoteTaker

This basic introduction to NoteTaker shows how one person used his Palmtop to finish his course work in half the normal time.

By Rich Hall

By day I am the managing editor of The HP Palmtop Paper. On evenings and Sundays I am a priest in the Liberal Catholic Church (LCC). In fact, I was ordained a priest May 14, 1995, as Technical Editor Robert Roney and Associate Editor Paul Merrill were feverishly sweating away, putting the finishing touches on this issue.

In preparation for the priesthood, I recently completed a four-year home study correspondence course on religion and the LCC. I was able to complete the course in about one-and-a-half years using my HP 100LX Palmtop PC. I kept the course questions with me in Memo and NoteTaker and leveraged free time to blaze through the course. Here's how I did it.

Keeping questions with me all the time in Memo

NoteTaker refines the process

Subset feature displays finished or completed questions

The system works well on a desktop with the HP Connectivity Pack

Spell check and format on the desktop

Other uses for this approach

It was there!