Creating a custom alarm for your Appointment Book

By Heather Tinling

Hi, my name is Heather. I am 13 years old and live in Davis, California. I enjoy many things and one of them is computers. Which brings me to my story. I have A.D.D.(Attention Deficit Disorder) and have trouble remembering to write down my homework assignments. So my mom gave me her HP 100LX when she got her new HP 200LX. Mom set the alarm to ring at the end of each class to remind me to input my assignments in the HP's NoteTaker application.

Well, the standard beeping in class caused some embarrassment cause everyone would groan or yell at me to shut it off. I had seen Mom program her LX to play The Impossible Dream as her alarm, so I asked her to help me get started. I followed the instructions in the Users Manual and Moms advice. I had to play around with the octaves a bit because the instructions were not very clear on that subject. The rest is, as they say, history.

Below is the alarm code I wrote for the tune Its A Small World. Open up the Memo application and key in the code exactly as it is shown below (SMWORLD.SWD ).

[Notes: The alarm function doesn't care whether the letters are in upper or lower case, but the letter L is shown below in upper case to distinguish it from the number 1. Also, spaces are optional. Finally, the code is displayed below on four lines to fit the format of the Palmtop Paper. However, the characters should be entered on one long line in Memo. Let Memo wrap the lines automatically. Do not use carriage returns.]

k1to4L32e L32f L16g o5L16e L16c L32d L32c L16c o4L16b L16b L32d L32e L16f o5L16d o4L16b o5L32c o4L32b L16a L16g L16g L32e L32f L16g o5L32c L32d L16e L32d L32c o4L16a o5L32d L32e L16f L32e L32d o4L16g o5L16f L16e L16d L12c

After you have finished entering the desired tune, save the file as C:\_DAT\ ALARM.SND (file also available as SMWORLD.SND . Copy to C:\_ DAT and change name to ALARM .SND).

Then open Appointment Book, press (MENU) Options Alarm Beep... and select Custom. You can press Test to hear your new alarm. If you like it press (F10) and the new sound will be used for your Appointment Book alarms.