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Remember back in school when the teacher asked us what we did on our summer vacation? In that tradition, well tell you what several of our readers, and managing editor Richard Hall, did this summer. Read these articles for ideas on how to use your HP Palmtop to plan your business and vacation travel.

So far this year we've spent considerable time focusing on products to expand the Palmtops possibilities. We began the year discussing fax/modem/storage cards and portable printers. Subsequently we described DOS software that can turn the Palmtop into a dictionary, thesaurus, language translator, or even the Bible. After that we examined wireless solutions and showed how physicians anywhere can receive time-critical patient data and how crime investigators on-the-move can get up-to-date case information.

In contrast, almost all the material this issue focuses on the power of the built-in applications. Whether vacation planning or project planning, well remind you how much you can do with the built-in applications.

Quick Tips, Basic Tips, and Palmtop Wisdom provide immediate ideas and techniques for better utilizing built-in Palmtop software. Also, Richard Hall describes a clever use of the Appointment Book application for project planning. In addition, editor Paul Merril demonstrates the power of DataBase with a tutorial on defining a database and on using Smart Clip to create custom reports. Carl Merkle continues his series on Lotus 1-2-3 by reviewing fundamentals and by providing some advanced knowledge for experienced users. Finally, Ed Keefe reveals some of the power of Solver built into the HP Palmtop. You'll see lots of sample equations which you can incorporate directly or use as models to modify for your own needs.

In my User to User column I deviate from this theme by describing the recent HP Handheld conference in Minnesota. In the article I solicit your feedback: I want to know under what circumstances you would like to participate in future conferences. I conclude by mentioning our upcoming 1995-96 Subscriber PowerDisk and describing some of the excellent software that didn't make the disk.

In the past few issues we have incorporated subtle changes in the look of The HP Palmtop Paper. This issues changes are a bit more obvious. The content remains the same. Our goal is to make the articles more appealing and accessible. We welcome your feedback.

Hal Goldstein