Pricing and Contact Information for products mentioned in this article

All prices are manufacturer's suggested retail price. It may be possible to purchase the product for less at third-party vendors.

@BASE -- $89.95 @BASE was originally published by Personics which is now owned by Data Watch Corporation. @BASE normally retails for $195. However, Data Watch Corporation has discounted this price to $89.95 for readers of The HP Palmtop Paper and members of CompuServe's HPHAND Forum.

@BASE Option Pack -- $44.95 The @BASE Option Pack which normally retails for $99 has been discounted to $44.95. The Option Pack adds the ability to have indexes, joins databases and has calculated fields with @BASE.

Contact: Linda Lammi @ Data Watch, Phone: 508-988-9700 ext. 552; Fax: 508-988-2040 for order information, or write to Data Watch, 234 Ballardvale Street, Wilmington, MA 01887, USA.