Undocumented DOS Commands and switches

HP Palmtops operate with DOS 5.0, so most of the DOS 5.0 commands should work on your Palmtop. However, the Palmtop's DOS 5.0 command set is limited. If you have a copy of the original DOS 5.0 diskettes, you have a license to use the commands and they can be copied onto your Palmtop.


; (in CONFIG.SYS files only) The semicolon is a short-cut for the remarks (REM) command. If there is a ; at the beginning of any line, CONFIG.SYS ignores the line. You may use this if you are testing different drivers that have to be loaded via the CONFIG.SYS file. Put all of the drivers in and REM out the ones you aren't testing at this time, much quicker than typing REM.

:: (in batch files only) Another short-cut for the REM command. DOS skips over any lines starting with ::.

ATTRIB, ATTRIB followed by a comma has the same effect as ATTRIB -A -H -R -S *.* It removes the attributes of all the files in the current directory. You may want to use this if you have copied read-only files from a CD-ROM to the Palmtop.

COMMENT comment_ID (use in CONFIG.SYS only) Allows you to add comments or remarks onto the end of CONFIG.SYS commands.

DIR, (DIR followed by a comma) Displays ALL files in the current directory, including hidden and system files.

SET DIRCMD=dirswitches DIRCMD lets you pre-set how the DIR command will work in DOS. You can place any of the DIR command switches in the statement to tailor DIR to your own particular desires. DIRCMD is actually documented in DOS 5.x but many people think it only works in DOS 6.0 and higher.

SWITCHES Turns off support for 101-key "enhanced" keyboards. Some older DOS programs run better with 101-key support turned off.

VER /R Displays the DOS revision number and where DOS is loaded (low memory, HMA, or ROM).

XCOPY /Y The /Y switch gets rid of overwrite prompts, and /-Y /-Y causes them if COPYCMD=/Y.

If you find any other undocumented commands, or if you have any additional information on the commands listed above, please tell me! Send e-mail to Kevin Tekel N2WTO, 76362,2023 or leave me a message on the PCDOS or MSDOS forum of CompuServe.

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