New HP 300LX and HP 320LX Windows CE Palmtop PCs

Their forthcoming line of Windows CE Palmtops will feature wider screens, enhanced lighting, and superior back-up and printing capabilities, when compared to other Windows CE units.

By Carol de Giere

According to HP Singapore, their forthcoming line of Windows CE palmtops will feature wider screens, enhanced lighting, and superior back-up and printing capabilities, when compared to other Windows CE units. The system speed on the new palmtop PCs will be 44 MHz. Although not confirmed yet, HP believes theirs will be the fastest products based on the Hitachi SH3, yet will also have the longest battery life.

 HP will name their new Windows CE computers "palmtop PCs," rather than "handheld PCs." This is to maintain consistency with the established LX line, say HP officials.

Users will be able to choose between the 300LX model with standard features, and the 320LX model with more memory and extras, including a docking cradle. The 300LX features 2MB of RAM, reflective display, and PC Card Type II slot. Estimated retail price is $499. The 320LX is designed with 4MB of RAM, backlit display, PC Card Type II slot plus Compact Flash slot, and docking cradle. Estimated retail price is $699.

Both models include Pocket Internet Explorer in ROM, 115k IrDA (infrared port), and RS-232C (serial port). The packages for the units will include synchronization cables, PC software for synchronization, a free copy of Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0, and a CD-ROM with trial versions of several Windows CE applications. The HP 320LX is shipped with an AC adaptor along with the docking cradle.

HP 300LX/320LX palmtop PC users will be able to purchase a variety of accessories, including PC Card flash, CompactFlash (2, 4MB), AC adapter, spare pens and a leather case/wallet.

Both models can use AA NiCd batteries and recharge with the AC adapter. When put in the docking cradle with the AC adapter connected, data files will synchronize automatically while recharging the batteries.

New light pipe design

HP s backlight technology is based on LEDs and a flat panel "light pipe" to evenly distribute the light to the LCD. The result, according to the manufacturer, is a backlight that is substantially brighter than any other in this class of products, yet runs on a fraction of the power of other systems. Therefore an automatic time-out feature was not necessary.

Printing directly from the Palmtop PC

HP s units will allow printing direct from Pocket Word and the PIMs, via both IR and RS-232C ports.

More data storage flexibility

For other manufacturers models using the first version of Windows CE, all data must be resident in RAM while an application is running. In the HP units, programs running out of ROM or RAM can use data stored on flash cards. There is also a backup utility for PC Cards and CompactFlash. This protects a user s PIM files when they are mobile and not able to back their data up to a PC every day.

Significance of a wide screen

The new HP palmtop PC uses a display that follows the VGA standard with 640 pixels across the screen allowing you to get the full view of your information. According to HP, this means you can:

Features of the new HP Palmtop PC with the Windows CE operating system

Features Standard (2-MB RAM) Enhanced (Backlit, 4-MB RAM, CompactFlash Card Slot)


Two AA and one CR2032 batteries CD-ROM (with additional software - see below) Serial cable (to connect to your PC) Docking cradle (for added convenience in connectivity, included with enhanced model only) AC adaptor (included with HP 320LX only)

Physical Specifications

18.3 x 9.4 x 2.9 cm (7.2 x 3.67 x 1.1 in) 442 g (15.6 oz) with batteries


2-MB RAM (standard model) 4-MB RAM (enhanced model) 5-MB ROM, upgradeable High performance Hitachi SH-3 32-bit RISC CPU running at 44 MHz


640 x 240 pixels (1/2 VGA) FSTN liquid crystal display with 4 gray scales Pen & Touch interface Backlight (enhanced model only)


Well spaced QWERTY layout


Built-in serial interface for connection to RS-232 devices Built-in infrared transmitter/ receiver (IrDA standard, 115K bps) PC Card Type II card slot (for adding memory or I/O cards) CompactFlash card slot (enhanced model only) Audio Speaker


Two 1.5V AA batteries (rechargeable NiCd optional) One 3V CR2032 coin cell backup battery Optional AC adapter F1218A: for powering and recharging

Operating Requirements

Operating temp.: 0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F) Storage temp: 0 to 60 C (32 to 140 F) Humidity: 90% Relative humidity at 40 C (104 F) maximum.


Built into ROM

Operating System

Microsoft Windows CE Version 1.1


Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Task Manager, Calendar, Contacts, Calculator, World Clock, Terminal application (TTY, VT-100 emulation), Remote Networking (for connecting to remote access servers), Solitaire.

Direct printing from HP palmtop PC to HP PCL printers (from Pocket Word and Information Manager). Inbox internet e-mail.

Additional Software Included Free

H/PC Explorer version 1.1 (desktop PC software for connecting HP palmtop PC to PC) HP 100/200LX & HP OmniGo 100/120 translation software (for appointment book and phone book), Free Trial software from many software vendors included on CD-ROM. Free bFax Pro send/receive fax software (HP 320LX only).

Accessories from Hewlett-Packard HP CompactFlash Memory

 2-MB & adapter for PC Card Slot

 4-MB & adapter for PC Card Slot

 HP AC Adapter

 HP Docking Cradle (with enhanced model)

 PC Synchronization Cable (with both models)

 HP Leather Case

Spare Pens

HP Partners Add a Suite of Fax, E-Mail, Wireless, Storage and PIM Features

HP OmniGo 700LX, Imported to the USA by Data Critical, is Now Available in Selected Locations Under a New Name "HVO1000" ***