Swift!BASIC: Strictly a 95LX Programming Language

First and foremost, Swift!BASIC is System-Manager compliant. It can pop-up on top of all the built-in applications (FILER, MEMO, etc.) If Swift!BASIC is loaded prior to 1-2-3, it's possible to switch back and forth between these two applications at the touch of a hot-key.

The only drawback to this feature is that Swift!BASIC cannot be run from the DOS command line. Nor can it be run on a desktop PC. It's strictly an HP 95LX development tool, designed for the 95LX and meant to be used exclusively on this palmtop.

Swift!BASIC takes full advantage of the HP 95LX's graphics and sound capabilities. It also uses the serial printer port for the LPRINT command. (If you try GWBASIC or QuickBASIC on the 95LX to do graphics, sound, or printing, you'll lock up the computer very quickly.)

The down side to using a lot of graphics in a Swift!BASIC program is that the program will run slowly. But this is true of most forms of BASIC and is not peculiar to Swift!BASIC.