When all else fails in curing a 95LX problem such as system lockup or serial port not working, you can do a hard reset on the HP 95LX by pressing (CTRL)-(<Shift>)-(ON) (no reformat). However, due to a problem in the HP 95LX, this may corrupt one of your built-in C drive files or subdirectories. If a file gets corrupted, you will get an "I/O error" when trying to read it.

The problem may or may not occur depending on where files happen to be located on the built-in RAM Disk. The problem will not occur on 1-Megabyte units with a RAM disk size of 512K bytes or less.

One way to test for corrupted files is to enter DOS and copy them to nowhere using the copy *.* nul command. (The DOS CHKDSK command will not detect the error). If no errors occur, your files are all right.

I have written a utility to be distributed by ACE technologies called UNRESET that will fix the problem.

Dave Goodman

CompuServe ID: [72330,130]