Answers to Most Common Questions Received by HP Technical Support Staff, 1992

Once again we thank the Hewlett-Packard Technical Support staff for providing us with the following information.

By HP Technical Support

I've turned my HP 95LX on but the screen is blank.

My keyboard is locked up and the HP 95LX won't respond to any keys. What do I do?

Should I buy a RAM card instead of the 1MB version?

How do I start a new Phone Book?

What do I need to transfer files to my Macintosh PC?

What do I need to transfer files to my IBM PC?

How can I connect my modem to my HP 95LX?

Can I send a fax from my HP 95LX?

Can I change the default directory in the Memo application from C:\_DAT to a name I like better?

What can I do with the HP 95LX's I/R port?

How can I print graphics screens developed in HP CALC and 123?

How do I run a TSR (Terminate-and-Stay Resident) program on the HP 95LX?

Can I do programming on the HP 95LX?

What's wrong if my printer isn't responding correctly to the HP 95LX print commands?

How can I print to a parallel port printer from my HP 95LX?

How can I convert my database of customer information into an HP 95LX Phone book?

What other programs will run on the HP 95LX?

What is the recommended allocation for RAM disk and System RAM?

When I type APP95 to run the Connectivity Pack on my PC I get the "SYSTEM RESOURCE MISSING" error message.

When translating my CD1 (Conventional Data) file into the HP 95LX Phone Book format, I get 99% complete and then the Translation utility stops and displays the message "INVALID FILE FORMAT". What's wrong?

What is the required voltage and current for the AC adapter?

I get "CANNOT ESTABLISH A REMOTE CONNECTION" when trying to transfer files from my PC to 95LX with FILER.

I have set a password in my HP 95LX and it won't work now. What's wrong?

I've transferred my files from my 95LX to my PC using CPACK but I can't find them on my PC.