At this time the number of HP Palmtop computers occupy a minuscule part of the personal computer market place. We HP 95LX users view our HP Palmtop as one of the world's best kept secrets. We see the future of computing in our palm: Having all that computing power always available is too useful for it not to catch on in a big way.

In the meantime the HP 95LX has attracted a network of users and vendors of extraordinary quality. Fortunately for us, many of these users have taken the time to contribute to this publication. Our contributors this issue include a lawyer with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, an award-winning programmer for Symantec, leaders of America On Line's new Palmtop SIG forum, an engineering manager, an experienced computer science professor, and two consultants specializing in the HP 95LX. In this issue these fellow users describe a new MEMO alternative, wireless computing, and alternatives for transferring your 95LX files. Other users will tell you how to update your Quicken (personal finance) information on your 95LX, how to protect your files on the different memory card alternatives, and how to run your desktop computer via modem from the HP 95LX.

Also, in this issue a student explains how he uses his HP Palmtop, I describe over twenty data bases and other tools to enhance the built-in PHONE application, and Ed Keefe gives you an advanced lesson on User Defined function keys (macros). In addition, you'll find a rich collection of tips, letters, and even an article on how to keep your HP 95LX clean. Enjoy.

Finally, as you will see, HP no longer charges for its U.S. support. It is free for the cost of the call. Given this change in HP policy, we have eliminated our Ask Thaddeus support help line. Robert Roney, director of Ask Thaddeus, has agreed to join Richard Hall and myself in our editorial staff. Given Robert's technical and interpersonal skills, Robert will help The HP Palmtop Paper live up to its mission of making HP Palmtops more useful and enjoyable.

Hal Goldstein, Publisher