HOW TO USE -- User to User: PHONE Enhancing Products

Check out these PHONE databases, conversion utilities, and programs that extend the usefulness of Phone Book.

By Hal Goldstein

One of the most robust applications built into the 95LX is PHONE. Sure, it helps you keep track of names, addresses, and phone numbers. But as past issues of The HP Palmtop Paper have documented, it's potential is far greater than that!

Over the last year we've discovered that many creative people have exploited and expanded the usefulness of PHONE with what I'll call "Phone-enhancing" software. These Phone enhancers can be divided into three categories: data bases, conversion utilities, and PHONE extenders.

Databases are simply PHONE files with different kinds of information. The PHONE databases that people have created range from Old Testament verses and references, to airport longitudes and latitudes, to an HP Calc Solve help file.

Conversion utilities let you exchange PHONE file data between the HP 95LX and software on other organizers and computers.

PHONE extenders are programs that add to the capability and functionality of the PHONE program.

Fortunately, much of this software is available at no or little cost. The rest of the software is commercial, but still relatively inexpensive for the value received. Most of the free and shareware PHONE enhancers are available in the CompuServe HPHAND forum and on this issue of The HP Palmtop Paper ON DISK (Mar/Apr 93, available as a single issue or part of an ON DISK subscription).

If you have PHONE data bases or other PHONE enhancers you wish to share, send them to me in care of The HP Palmtop Paper, or upload them to CompuServe.

PHONE Enhancing Products