QUIZ ARTICLE: What is Your 95LX IQ?

Do you make the grade? Have you got the right stuff? Now's your chance to find out -- and have fun in the process.

By Peder Sweeney

Harken back to your SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Exam). A few more points and you would have gotten into that prestigious school. Well, here's your chance to do it right! Take the PAT (Palmtop Aptitude Test).

I wrote this 95LX I.Q. test for a class we have at Thaddeus Computing. Everyone had fun with it, so we decided to inflict it on our subscribers.

There are one or more correct answers per question. Put all your books under your desk and use a #2 pencil only. No talking will be allowed during the test.

1. What is the operating system of the 95LX?

a. Lotus 2.0

b. System Manager

c. OS/2

d. DOS

2. Which are features of System Manager?

a. File organization and transfer

b. Communications between the 95 and other computers

c. Dices and slices, even makes Julienne fries

d. Multiple applications open at once

3. In which of the following applications could you figure amortization?

a. Set-up

b. HP Calc

c. Lotus

d. Filer

4. Which of the following can be used in the 95LX's card slot?

a. RAM card

b. ROM card

c. Fax/Modem card

d. Greeting card

5. How many batteries are in a 95LX without a card in the PCMCIA slot?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Four

6. If confused and needing help, a user could:

a. Read the Function key info along the bottom of the screen

b. Press (F1) for help

c. Press menu for options

d. Read The HP Palmtop Paper

7. Connectivity could involve which of the following?

a. The ability of one computer to "talk" to another

b. The topcard

c. The serial port

d. The infrared port

8. In which application(s) could you create a Recipes database?

a. 1-2-3

b. Filer

c. Phone

d. Comm

9. What are the results of removing all batteries?

a. No result if AC adapter plugged in

b. Lose all info except ROM

c. OK if computer is off

d. No power

10. In what application would you adjust the volume?

a. Filer

b. Comm

c. Set-Up

d. Appt

11. What can the IR port do?

a. Control a home entertainment system

b. Share data via another IR port

c. Open a garage door

d. Cause a brain tumor

12. In C:\_DAT\BIZ.PBK, which is the sub-directory?

a. C:\

b. _DAT

c. BIZ

d. .PBK

13. In question 12, what does the .PBK mean?

a. File identifier

b. A Phone Book file

c. Phone backup utility

d. Phi Beta Kappa

14. In question 12, which is the root directory?

a. C:\

b. _DAT

c. BIZ

d. .PBK

15. Is G:\BABY\NEEDS\A\NEW\PAIR\O\SHOES.!!! a legal (workable) file name in the 95LX:

a. Yes

b. No

Your 95LX I.Q. The answers are listed at the end of this article. Determine your Palmtop Percentile Ranking (PPR) by adding up your total number of INCORRECT answers (by commission or omission), multiplying that number by 1.72 and subtracting it from 100. The Solver equation would look like this: 100-(#Incorrect*1.72)=- %Correct.

Compare your score to the ranking list below, and bask in the glory of your achievement:

90-100 A 95LX genius

80-89 B 95LX sub-genius

70-79 C You'll have to do better than this if you want to get into a prestigious school.

60-69 D Re-read the back issues of The HP Palmtop Paper and take the test again.


Answers: 1. b., d. (System Manager could be considered an operating system, but it's really a user interface.)

2. a., b., d.

3. b., c.

4. a., b., c. (PalmModem makes a fax/modem card that works in the 95LX.)

5. c. (One coin battery and two AA's)

6. a., b., c., d.

7. a., c., d.

8. a., c.

9. a., b., d.

10. c.

11. a., b.

12. b.

13. a., b.

14. a.

15. a. (Sparcom's Drive95 and ACE Technologies DoubleCard 2.0 software create G drives when installed. There may be other ways.