The HP Palmtop Paper

July/August 1993

Table of Contents



HP News

New HP Desktop Vectra with IR port and PCMCIA card slots make it easy to transfer data between desktop and Palmtop or OmniBook; Korean 95LX; home banking in Brazil with the 95LX.

New Products Designed to Work with the HP Palmtop PCs

The HP OmniBook 300: Hands On

On a trip to South America, Hal discovers some of the OmniBook's strengths and limitations. The lessons he learned may provide the insights needed to determine whether you need an OmniBook, and which version is for you.

REVIEWS: Choosing a Memory Card for Your HP Palmtop

Memory cards expand the storage capabilities of your HP Palmtops. However, not all cards work in all systems. Be sure to pick the right card!

User Profiles: The HP Palmtops in the Chemical and Petroleum Industries

From a desert oil rig to a pharmaceutical plant, look at how the chemicals industry saves time and energy with HP's Palmtops!

Running DOS on your HP Palmtop

The HP 100LX makes it easy to access DOS and run DOS programs. The HP 95LX, though not quite as flexible, has a number of third party products to help with DOS.

HOW TO USE: Through the Looking Glass, Advanced

Lotus 1-2-3's database @functions let you specify on which cells in a range you want to perform a calculation. This article focuses on the @DAVG (averaging) function, but the techniques developed apply to all @functions.

HOW TO USE: Advanced Programmer's Corner

Ed shows power users how to extend the System Macro programming language on the HP Palmtops by using batch files and the built-in Debug program.