The HP Palmtop Paper

January/February 1993

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NEWS: New Products Designed to Work with the HP 95LX


They used to store, at most, 1MB of data and cost more than $500 a megabyte. Now Flash cards with file compression software can store up to 20MB of data and cost as little as $50 a megabyte.

REVIEWS: Modems and the 95LX

A portable modem expands the utility of the 95LX tremendously. Here's a little advice on using and choosing modems for the Palmtop PC.

Modems That Work with the HP 95LX

REVIEWS: It's Tough Finding a Good Movie, and Product of the Year Nominations!

You don't need Siskel and Ebert when you've got a 95LX and a product called Movie Guide. Readers nominate three more Products of the Year: PalmModem, acCIS, and VDE.

HOW TO USE: Beating the 95LX Into a Plowshare

Farming in the 90's is a far cry from the mule and plow of 100 years ago. This farm owner finds that if harnessed properly, the HP 95LX pulls its own weight around the farm.

HOW TO USE: Phone Book Databases

The Phone Book database can keep track of more than phone numbers. Here are some examples, along with instructions on creating User-Defined Keys to assist a phone call tracker.

HOW TO USE: Goal Seeking Using Backsolving

Lotus 1-2-3 typically solves its problems from left to right and from the top down. There are times when you might want to solve a problem in the reverse direction.

HOW TO USE: InfoSelect Freeform Database

This "random information processor" makes it easy to save, and later find those odd pieces of information that never seem to fit into a regular database.

Most Common Questions Received by HP Technical Support Staff, 1992

Once again we thank the Hewlett-Packard Technical Support staff for providing us with the following information.


Solver's SIGMA function can be used to perform many complicated calculations, including calculus.

HOW TO USE: Getting Started -- Review of Basics

Files, bytes, RAM disk, System RAM, and directories: Understand these concepts and you'll get more out of your 95LX!