The HP Palmtop Paper

May/June 1993

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The HP 100LX: More Than An Upgrade

The new HP 100LX is a fully PC-compatible palmtop computer with an improved library of built-in applications, a CGA-compatible display, a 9-pin serial port, and longer battery life.

The HP 100LX: First Impressions!

More than just an upgrade, the new HP 100LX provides robust organizer capabilities, a database program, greater ability to run DOS programs, and built-in cc:MAIL.

HP announces the OmniBook 300 Superportable PC

HP's light-weight sub-notebook PC comes with Microsoft Windows 3.11, Word and Excel built in. It has four PCMCIA slots and a fax/modem slot and has options for 80MB of hard disk space and 8MB of system RAM memory.

New Products Designed to Work with the HP 95LX

Add Assets to Appointment Book

Better manage your appointment schedule with software that lets you see more than one day's appointments at a time, view appointments/to-dos together, and more!

Database Programs for the HP 95LX

PHONE is a remarkably robust database program. However, there are a number of other more sophisticated database programs available. Take a look at Notes95, fastNOTES!, Pocket Sales Force, Info Manager, and QA Palm.

User Profiles: The 95LX in Sales

Take a look at how this group of sales professionals uses the HP 95LX to manage their time better -- and increase sales!

To-Do or Not To-Do? Try Using Phone Instead!

Not satisfied with the Appointment Book's To-Do list function? See how this user created a versatile, easy-to-use to-do list using Phone Book.

Enhance 1-2-3 with Keystroke Macros or User Keys

Ed shows how you can use Lotus 1-2-3 keystroke macros or 95LX System Macros (User Defined Keys) to make using 1-2-3 on the HP 95LX a little easier.

Programming Tools for the HP 95LX

Ed summarizes the programming tools available for the 95LX, including C languages, Assemblers, BASIC, and Pascal. He also looks at more specialized tools relating to 95LX system compliancy, graphics, the keyboard, clipboard, and four-pin serial port.

QUIZ ARTICLE: What is Your 95LX IQ?

Do you make the grade? Have you got the right stuff? Now's your chance to find out -- and have fun in the process.