The HP Palmtop Paper

Volume 4, Number 1 January/February 1995

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Palmtop News

New, full-featured, fast, color HP OmniBooks; Revised PC Card standard

Third Party Products of Interest to HP Palmtop Users

Portable Printers and Fax/ Modem & Flash Memory cards Lighten the Travelers Load

When you're on the road, smaller is better. Bulky peripherals mean bigger carrying cases, and every extra pound drags you down. This new field of diminutive printers and fax/modem & flash memory cards will help lighten your load.

Let the Games Begin!

If you're ready for some serious fun, out of the hundreds of games you can play on the HP Palmtop, here's the run down on some of best.

JetEye PC Provides HP Palmtop Users with Infrared Link to Desktop PCs

JetEye PC lets you set your HP Palmtop or OmniBook down next to your PC and transfer files back and forth without the hassel of connecting cables or the expense of memory cards and card readers.

User Profile: Engineer on the Road with the HP Palmtop

His home and office is in Alabama and he's temporarily assigned to White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. Here's how he bridges the distance with the HP Palmtop.

How to Manage Your Time & Get Control of Your Life

Use the HP Palmtop and these techniques to manage your future, rather than being managed by it.

Time management on the HP 95LX

Through the Looking Glass: Start an application and load its data file in one step

Ed shows how to use FILER.INI to activate a built-in, undocumented autoload feature of the HP 200LX that lets you highlight a file in Filer and press (ENTER) to start the corresponding application, with the file loaded.

Programmer's Corner: TIPI: A Small Programming Language for Small Computers

TIPI 2.0 is a small structured programming language written to run on small DOS-compatible portables like the HP Palmtops.

Sample TIPI code

TIPI Contest