The HP Palmtop Paper

Vol.4, No.3, May/June 95

Table of Contents


Palmtop Wisdom

Letters to the Editor

HP PalmVue System

HP makes critical patient data available to the U.S. physician, anywhere, anytime!

Imaging Technology Used in HP Palmtop Helps Out in Oklahoma City Tragedy

HP Palmtop contributes to safety of rescue workers

User's Groups

Third Party Products


This connectivity software lets you run Windows versions of PhoneBook, Appointment Book, and NoteTaker on your desktop PC, and keep them synchronized with your HP Palmtop files.

Using LapLink Remote with Windows on your Desktop PC

User to User

Discover the Patience to play solitaire; take a look at the new HP 1000CX DOS Palmtop; Hal and others give HP advice on how to advertise the HP Palmtop.

How Users Think HP Should Advertise

We asked members of the HP Handheld Forum on CompuServe how they thought HP could improve their HP Palmtop advertising. Here are some of the responses we gathered.

PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter Card

Slip this PC Card in your HP 100/200LX Palmtop PC and carry your LAN terminal in your pocket, wherever you go.

User Profile: A Week in the Life of a CPA

This CPA on the go uses the HP 200LX to balance his books as well as his life!

Blaze Through Home Study Course With NoteTaker

This basic introduction to NoteTaker shows how one person used his Palmtop to finish his course work in half the normal time.

Basic Tips