The HP Palmtop Paper

March/April 1993

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HP Offers Free Palmtop Support to U.S. Users

Beginning April 5, 1993, Hewlett-Packard will offer free technical support to U.S. users of the HP 95LX. Call 503-7572004, 5 am to 5 pm Pacific Time. Ask Thaddeus Discontinued

New Products Designed to Work with the HP 95LX

Transferring Files Between the 95LX and a PC or Mac

Almost everyone using a 95LX needs to backup important files or download files from another computer. File transfer is a crucial function, and this article compares different approaches.

REVIEW: EMBARC Messaging Service

If you're on the road and need to receive E-mail, including text messages or binary computer files, take a close look at Motorola's EMBARC service.

REVIEW: QuickView Personal Finance Software

QuickView 2.0 lets you import Quicken registers to the 95LX and view, modify, or add and delete records from the file. It also lets you export the file back to Quicken on your desktop.

REVIEW: Freyja2: System-compliant editor

Comes with source code included -- gives programmers an excellent example of how to write System-Manager compliant programs.

The HP 95LX: A Must for Serious Students!

This profile documents a college business student's rather thorough use of the 95LX. A lot of good tips are included.

HOW TO USE -- User to User: PHONE Enhancing Products

Check out these PHONE databases, conversion utilities, and programs that extend the usefulness of Phone Book.

What's It Worth? Bond Calculations Using the HP 95LX

The 95LX has taken criticism as a business calculator because it does not have a built-in bond price and yield function. However, it is relatively easy to use HP CALC or Lotus 1-2-3 for such calculations.

HOW TO USE: Through the Looking Glass - User Defined Keys

Develop user defined keys to coordinate the activities of two or more built-in applications, and to pause and prompt you for input. Learn how you can break through the ten-key barrier!

HOW TO USE: RAM Memory Cards

How do you use them? What files should you store on them? What do you need to watch out for? What's the difference between SRAM and Flash ROM cards?

HOW TO USE: Keep your HP 95LX Clean!

Protect your investment, your files, and the appearance of your 95LX. Here are some simple, and adventurous ways to keep your 95LX clean!

HOW TO USE: pcANYWHERE Remote Access Software

Use your HP 95LX, a modem, pcANYWHERE and SuperKey to access and run your desktop PC wherever you are.

HOW TO USE: Programmer's Corner / Anatomy of An Application

Craig Finseth's Anatomy of an Application is a 32-page .TXT file jam-packed with information on programming system compliant applications for the 95LX.